Kevin Ribau

Director, Educational Technology
Aurora Public Schools

I haveåÊbeen a teacher of science for seven years with stints locally in Aurora & Littleton, Colorado and internationally in London, England. IåÊworked with conventional high school students and highly vulnerableåÊhigh school students supporting them with math, science, & technology and have always made it a point to leverage technology to improve my teaching and myåÊstudent‰Ûªs learning. åÊI have always sought leadership opportunities as a teacher to help my colleagues effectively integrate technology into their own classrooms which led to work as an educational technology instructional coach focusing on providing ongoing, job-embedded professional development for teachers for two years in Aurora. åÊPresently, I serve as the Director of the Educational Technology department in Aurora Public Schools and have the pleasure of leading a team of educational technologists supporting teaching and learning. MyåÊjob is to empower staff and students to leverage the most effective, innovative instructional methods and tools in order to accelerate the learning of all APS students.

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