If you teach in a G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps For Education) district and you've wanted to get started with Google Classroom and Google resources that young learners can use in meaningful learning activities, this is your chance to set up and develop your classroom for the upcoming year! In addition to your classrooms, we will create and curate resources that can be used for a variety of learning activities throughout the year. You will leave this workshop with Google Docs, Slides, Drawing, Forms, and Sheets resources young learners can use (and someday create), as well as free resources from PBS, Padlet, and more and look at app mashes! You will need your Chromebook or laptop, and it will help to have an idea of various units of study that you want to develop with tech tools in mind. Throughout the workshop, we will also have discussions about how to make sure technology authentically enhances primary classroom learning and your own pedagogical approach.

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