As teachers and school leaders, how do we elevate the educational technology professional discourse from the promise of a new technology tool to the promising practices of learning experiences that provide equitable opportunity for all students to learn and thrive? The concept and application of "Techquity" seeks to do this. Techquity: Practices that leverage learning technologies for more equitable and culturally responsive education. We will have discourse and collaborate in small groups around 6 themes of culturally relevant education. We will seek to apply techquity to the design of student learning experiences and create next steps for our own application of techquity in our practice. We will watch bite-size video of techquity in action and annotate them using online Swivl software. We will capture our thinking, ideas, and next steps on a shared Google doc, too. Lastly, we will video ourselves making a commitment to techquity in our practice and post it to the techquity website and on Twitter #techquity.

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