When making decisions about technology, it's important to make sure the voice of the community (leadership, teachers, students, community members) are well represented. However, doing this well can be a challenge. What are the strategies and skills you need to better plan and implement a technology advisory committee? In this session, participants will learn how to develop collaborative groups for the purpose of guiding a school or district technology implementation. If you want to learn how to develop an active, engaged and effective technology committee, this workshop is for you. The SVVS ITAC committee will be referenced throughout the session ( The session will be divided into 5 areas: 1. Defining Purpose - Outlining a purpose and defining a sandbox for your committee. 2. Building Norms and Protocols- Determining how the group will work together. Understanding the difference between Dialog vs. Discussion and when each is used. 3. Selecting and Sustaining - Deciding on a selection process and strategies for sustaining an active group. Designing meetings that are effective. 4. Deciding how to Decide - Evaluating decision making processes and how to build buy-in. 5. Transparency and Communication - Building strategies for disseminating the work of the committee.

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