In this session, you will be exposed to a variety of tools you can use to provide students with online, current, meaningful feedback. Not only will this allow you to use your class time more effectively, but it will also allow you to differentiate for your students as extensions to stretch, or support for struggling students to help guide. We will be covering basic forms of feedback using Google Doc/Google Classroom comments, more advanced forms of visual and audio feedback with Kaizena and Screencastify, and finishing up with collaborative feedback using Orange Slice Rubrics, the Highlighting Tool, and instructing on what quality feedback looks like (so they can share documents with other students in class). These tools will not only enhance your instruction, but they are easy to use throughout the day and at home as well. You will get an opportunity to not only see these tools being used currently in classrooms, but you will get to use them individually and see what works best for your own individual needs. This session will best serve teachers in grades 3-12.

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